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by Chumbawamba. Buy album CD: Other Songs DES - MA

Chapter seven
There's bugs on the house plants of the folks back home
Insects are material, they're not inferior
Insects are material, they're not inferior
What do we want?
Insect liberation!
When do we want it?
Insects are dirty, insects are filthy
They never bother washing their legs or faces
Insects are ugly, insects are evil
They sniff around the brown and then they eat it
An insect loses it's way one day and gets trapped in the house
An insect in the house, but not in this month's issue of "Wonderful Home"
Fly spray or stinky thing, hanging from the ceiling
A rolled up neswpaper on the head, the poor insect ends up dead dead dead dead
But insects are dirty, insects are filthy
They never bother washing their legs or faces
Insects are ugly, insects are evil
They sniff around the brown and then they eat it
They eat shit, and they're walking on it!
They fly around from town to town spreading disease
They're ugly little monsters, and I hate them
Won't you get rid of them for me? Please!
But who likes the taste, who makes use of our waste?
Who puts the goodness back into the soil?
It's insects, bacteria, germs, and worms

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Album: Other Songs DES - MA Lyrics
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