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What's the word

by Chubb Rock. Buy album CD: The One

[Minister Farrakhan]
Mr. Bush, you better check out your OWN part
in the divine drama. You may find YOU the Devil!

[Chubb Rock]
Listen.. cause in 1990
Chubb Rock and the gang is on a banned mission
Hostility will rule like a Jamaican ??
and ooh filled with dumplings, hopefully no dumpings
like guns will be present while I keep the people jumpin
Not too much, South Africa isn't free yet
I spoke to the kids from Brooklyn to T-Neck
New Jersey, and they heard me while I cursed the
white minority regime, painted an ill scene
Brothers and sisters over there dyin
Mandela in a cell in Robin Island
Thank God he's out now - and while I sing
I know he has things in a full swing, yeah
This year crumb-snatcher Thatcher, we're gonna catch her
being a klutz, her husband is a drunk putz
He acts absurd, now what's the word?

"Johannesburg!" (2X)
"Okay okay, come on." (6X)
"If he's the President, pullin out my Ray-Gun" -> Chuck D

[Chubb Rock]
Listen.. cause brothers and sisters
it's time for everyone to go fishin
for your history - open a book and read
between the lines, don't recline your mind
Sometimes I don't know how to make it understood
that a lot of black movies have been tampered by Hollywood
So it's important take the name and date and step
Research it yourself, cause you owe a large debt
to yourself - your history is yours to keep
.. or you won't reap
in the benefits, don't let Mr. Rabinuwitz
sell you something with a sing, to get blissed
Leave the rock to the Nazis, excel in Yahtzee
Be a bookworm, not a bookend, cause men
before you have died so you can taste freedom
If we can't beat em we'll delete em, so now
What's the word?

"Johannesburg!" (2X)
"Okay okay, come on." (9X)
"If he's the President, pullin out my Ray-Gun" -> Chuck D

[Chubb Rock]
Throughout history, no physical might has ever crushed
the invincible spirit of a nation
And yes we are a nation, a different coloration
But that isn't significant - pull a ligament
while you're standin, pumpin your fist they will miss
and crumble and remain in the cold abyss
And now it's time for action, action is the verb
The pronoun I will say scream "What's the word?"
Now come on.. what's the word?!

Alright.. I'm gonna bring in the aspect
of my man Rob-n-O, the Jamaica aspect, come now

[Rob O - patois best guess]
I'm a soldier, I'm a soldier
I'm gonna chase up ?? and run down Botha
Botha betta run him betta start ??
I mash up ?? when he conquer
Your gun gonna fire, come fatter
Say it to the sky like a ball of fiyah
Jah come foot rule over ??
Gun gonna fire..
.. I'm a soldier

[Chubb Rock]
Alright.. time for the American, english aspect
from my man Rob Swinga - come now

[Rob Swinga]
Yo.. I wonder why is it that in Africa
the black people are the 2nd and 3rd class citizens?
I mean I thought Africa was black
Isn't that what they told us in our own history books
in America? I mean yo it's something to think about!
They gonna tell me I'm black and I'm from Africa
yet still somebody's tellin me
I have no right to say what goes on there
I mean I can't understand that at all!
That's something to really make you
stop and think and say.. hmmmmmmm!

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