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More Saints Less Musicians Lyrics

More Saints Less Musicians by Christiansen  

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More Saints Less Musicians Orange earth and a Spanish sun, the paints still runny
Nice day for castration of a brick red stallion
Assume I'm a choirboy, cause I'm right here waiting
Influenced by Weimar
Hey genre are you lonely? We go in ripe
The growth inside, is unconditional
To start it right
Eventful nights
Need conversational highs
The rain it sits down on a charcoal city
Model in a chaise lounge, prepares for a pose
A splash of red wine, in a vacuous hole
Music is my Dada
Judas is my daddy
Screw the poppy emo
Poppy's meant for smoking
I flew down running to get more of the same

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music