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Album: Let'S Dance (2002) Lyrics
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  1. Let's Dance
  2. No! No! No!
  3. Some Kind'a Fun
  4. It Takes Two
  5. I Ran
  6. It's Not Puppy Love
  7. Shoot That Curl
  8. My Baby Loves To Dance
  9. All You Had To Do (Was Tell Me)
  10. Rockin' Blues
  11. Chiquita Mia
  12. You're The One
  13. Let's Do The Limbo
  14. Tell Me (It's Not Over)
  15. I Feel Like Dancing
  16. He's Been Leading You On
  17. In An English Town (In ATurkish Town)
  18. Monkey Fever
  19. Say You'll Marry Me
  20. Love Me
Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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