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Like a dream Lyrics

Like a dream by Chrisette Michele  

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Like a dream Talking:
Alright, so what happened was, right

Verse 1:
I seen this brother at the club
Looking extra fly
His sticks was pounding on the drums
When I caught his eye
And oh my gosh he looked at me
And he smiled at me
And he played to me
And I imagined that he spoke to me
Later on I found his friend
I said ''Do you know that guy?''
He said ''Home girl, why sure i do''
And to my surprise
He's been saying who's that girl?
And he's feeling you
And he thinks you're cute
And he wants to try and talk to you

It's like a dream to me
It's like a dream to me
I would have never known
I would have never known
It's like a dream to me
It's like a dream to me

Verse 2:
Through the crowd I seen a hand
Reaching out to me
I took a chance and took a grab
His hands where soft and sweet
I told him he was beautiful
And he played real sweet
And he smiled at me
And it was so real when he spoke to me
I put his digits in my phone
And I promised I'd call
Ran outside and told my girls
I spoke to drummer boy
I smiled the whole way to the crib
He was feeling me
And he spoke to me
Oh I can't believe he spoke to me

Repeat Chorus

Oh my gosh
Can you believe it's true
Mr. Drummer Boy
Spoke to me
Yes it's true
Maybe Soon [Oh I like that]
He will call me his girl
And I'll call him my boy you know
He could play the drums for my show

Repeat Chorus

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