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Take Me High Lyrics

Take Me High by Child  

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Take Me High Take Me High

Through the storm that hide the shore
I break through to place I need
It's so hard to find this one
But I know where is it...

More than words that I can sing
More than tears that I can cry out
I don't want to disappoint
No one help me, but You are...

Take me high, take my soul
To the point of my recovery...
Suffering, misery are only things that I have here...

I still looking for your sign
For your angels and your saints
But I hear the only cry
Of the lonely innocent
Bleeding. Fearing.
But I still believe in
You will find me through the time
You will show me all you hide...


I don't understand where is the spring of the suffering...
There is no answer...
But I still seeking...

Only faith can show me another way to You
Bleeding heart still needs the weeping words of truth...
I cannot fly, but I will fight...


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