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Charlie Landsborough Lyrics

Charlie Landsborough List of Lyrics

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  1. Angels with one wing
  2. Blue umbrella
  3. Centuries
  4. Five fingers
  5. Gone, but i can't let you go
  6. I don't know why i love you but i do
  7. I still can't say goodbye
  8. I wish it was me
  9. I'll take you home again, kathleen
  10. I've been rained on too
  11. If only i had wings
  12. It'll be her
  13. It's raining outside
  14. It's so good to see you
  15. Leave me
  16. Like i used to do
  17. Like rain
  18. Long and heavy chain
  19. Love has come home to my heart
  20. Muddy roads
  21. My father used to sing
  22. Not the only thing blue
  23. One true love
  24. Passing through
  25. Royal telephone
  26. Special
  27. Special (featuring st. ambrose rc school)
  28. Sunshine
  29. Takin' my time
  30. Time to learn
  31. Too good to last
  32. What'll i do?
  33. When i'm dead and gone
  34. When the counting's done
  35. When you're not a dream
  36. Who can blame him
  37. Why worry
  38. You're not the only one
  39. You're still around
  40. Your eyes
  41. Not A Day Goes By
  42. The Blue Bell Man
  43. After Awhile
  44. Alabama
  45. All The Lies Are True
  46. Are You Teasing Me
  47. As Long As There's A Sunday
  48. Baby You've Got What It Takes
  49. Born To Love You
  50. Cash On The Barrelhead
  51. Castle Isn't Mine
  52. Come And Get It Mama
  53. Dear Heart
  54. Did You Ever
  55. Don't Believe Me
  56. Edge Of Your Memory
  57. Even The Loser Likes To Dream
  58. For The Good Times
  59. Heart Of Clay
  60. Here's A Toast To Mama
  61. Hey Daddy
  62. Holding On To Nothin'
  63. Honey
  64. Hungry Eyes
  65. I Can't Keep You In Love With Me
  66. I Couldn't Love You More
  67. I Don't Have Anyplace To Go
  68. I Forgot To Cry
  69. I Just Don't Understand
  70. I Take The Chance
  71. I Want A Happy Life
  72. I'd Be Glad To Help You Out
  73. I'll Remember Always
  74. If I Were A Carpenter
  75. If We Don't Make It
  76. If You Love Me Stay Away
  77. Is Home Sweet Home
  78. Is The Joy Worth The Pain
  79. It Ain't No Big Thing (But It's Growing)
  80. Just For You
  81. Kind Of Man I Am
  82. Last Foxhole
  83. Let Me Put It Another Way
  84. Let's Put Our World Back Together
  85. Life Begins At Love
  86. Life To Go
  87. Little Reasons
  88. Lonesome Is Me
  89. Looking For A Thing Called Happiness
  90. Love Takes Care Of Me
  91. Love's Gotta Have A Little Breathing Room
  92. Loving You Is A Way Of Life With Me
  93. Making Plans
  94. Million Years Or So
  95. Month Of Sundays
  96. New Dreams And Sunshine
  97. No Other Way To Turn
  98. Off And On
  99. On The Other Hand
  100. One By One
  101. Only Way Out (Is To Walk Over Me)
  102. Perfect Stranger
  103. Proof Is In The Kissing
  104. Queen Unfaithful
  105. Ruby's Song
  106. Say It's Not You
  107. Scared Of The Blues
  108. She Called Me Baby
  109. She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
  110. She Forgot To Take Me
  111. Someone's Heartache
  112. Something Foolish To You
  113. Something To Brag About
  114. Something's Wrong
  115. Still Loving You
  116. Stolen Love
  117. Sunday Morning
  118. Tear Your Merry-Go-Round
  119. That's What Your Leaving's Done To Me
  120. Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep
  121. Tiny Wings
  122. To Tell The Truth (I Told A Lie)
  123. Too Little And Too Late
  124. Turn Around
  125. Two Minus One
  126. Until My Dreams Come True
  127. We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds
  128. We Sure Can Love Each Other
  129. We're Still Together
  130. What Are Those Things (With Big Black Wings)
  131. What Then
  132. Whatever Happened To Happiness
  133. When I Stop Dreaming
  134. Which-A-Way
  135. While You're Cheating On Me (I'm Praying For You)
  136. Who Loves Who
  137. Will You Visit Me On Sundays
  138. Won't You Come Home And Talk To A Stranger
  139. Workin' Man Blues
  140. Yesterday's Letters
  141. You Finally Said Something Good
  142. You're The Sad In My Song
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