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South's Gonna Do It Again Lyrics

South's Gonna Do It Again by Charlie Daniels  

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South's Gonna Do It Again Charlie Daniels
The South's Gonna Do It Again
Written by - Charlie Daniels
Well, the train's a grindin' switch is runnin' right on time
And them Tucker Boys are cookin' down in Caroline
People down in Florida can't be still
When ol' Lynyrd Skynrd's pickin' down in Jacksonville
People down in Georgia come from near and far
To hear Richard Betts pickin' on that red guitar

So gather 'round, gather 'round chillun'
Get down, well just get down chillun'
Get loud, well you can be loud and be proud
Well you can be proud, hear now
Be proud you're a rebel
Cause the South's gonna do it again and again

Elvin Bishop sittin' on a bale of hay
He ain't good lookin', but he sure can play
And there's ZZ Top and you can't forget
That old brother Willie's gettin' soakin' wet
And all the good people down in Tennessee
Are diggin' barefoot Jerry and C.D.B

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