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by Chamillionaire. Buy album CD: Greatest Hits

A lightnin bolt strikes in the air (yeah),
Finally it's here,
Since y'all are tha judge,
Tha day of judgment finally is near,
In ya eye i see a tear,
And it's remindin me of fear,
Rap's been dead for so long so stop denyin wut ya feel,
This's payback for tha fact,
That y'all ain't tryna keep it real,
Grim reaper that we call revenge,
Is right beside ya in ya ear,
And he's sayin ya time expired,
Time is finally due it's clear,
Not sober mind is a weak mind and he's buyin you a beer,(haha)

Cheer....time for a toast, to tha haters that hate ya the most
And tha friends that pretend to be ya folks, this is wut revenge sounds like....i hear ya heart beatin....keep runnin ya mouth (yeah)

Ya mouth runnin ahead of you,
Ya mouth do wutchya legs should do,
Let me walk to tha edge with you,
Jump offa,
It sounds like ya ready to,
'cause these rappers are terrible,
And tha game is unbearable,
But i'ma fix..fix,
This feelin that's dead in you,
Gotchya brains like a vegetable,
Use tha pro tools and tell em to,
Switch ta somethin that's better fool,
Turn it up wutchya better do,
When i'm bringin revenge to you,
It sounds like this..this..this,

Somebody call the doctor..they ain't gonna be well after this one right here, they not breathin, let's make sure they learn tha name that's bout ta be runnin the game..tell em tha name...chamillitary man

Shoulda heard wut i was tellin you,
I don't do wut the jealous do,
I don't hate when a nigga make it,
'cause i'm smarter and better to,
You run when they tell ya to,
But i move when i'm ready to,
Would you stop, take a breather to see that i'm,
Lightyears ahead of you,

Y'all musta thought you wasn't gonna have ta see me or somethin...Houston, Texas..i'm here now..if anybody gotta problem speak now or forever hold ya peace..i ain't think so

Tha feelin's great 'cause they pay me,
I expect some hatred so daily,
I'm stickin the middle finger up,
Like the feelins mutual baby,
The franchise and they say that,
The future can't really trade me,
In Houston i'm number one like i'm,
In the place of McGrady,
But keep on facin it baby,
Tha full truth has arrived,
They ask you bout you nigga,
You fittna lie,
They ask me about me,
And hear a truthfull reply,
They said they seem none better then me so,
Hear the truth withcya eyes,

Better go take cover before it rains,
'cause i'd hate ta say that i told ya man,
I know i know wut ya gonna sayayayay but have it yo way,
I know these haters is gonna hate,(and)
And i see that angry look on ya face,
Tell em sound of revenge is on the wayayayay,
This isn't your day,
Lookin for the truth,
They ask me where have ya been,
Gettin ready for these haters i,
Got somethin for them,
Ya real quiet till you think you hear,
That sound in the wind,
Ya turn around 'cause ya think ya hear that sound once again,
(ya hear that? wuts that?)
That's the sound of revenge,
(gunshhots and screaming)

(women talking)

See i told ya that's wut happens when you get on his bad side,
(hahahaha)....chamillitary man..

And now for The Sound of Revenge


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Album: Greatest Hits (2005) Lyrics
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