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Chamillionaire Lyrics Flow (Where Da Party At)

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Flow (Where Da Party At)

by Chamillionaire. Buy album CD: Greatest Hits

Hey we some ballas that
Got candy paint and screens twankies all of that
Automatic start when I start tha Lac
I'mma open up my trunk and let tha lights glow
I'm sittin low
I'm gettin doe
If u got a problem with that let me know (or Paul Wall tha chick magnet slip in through tha back door)

Draws come down when king Koopa tha boss come round
Call lost and found cause when your girl was lost u found
Her taken off her gown for far from town
Stop whisperin talk up when u talkin down
Approach me nice if not don't approach me twice
Cause I will choke tha life out your vocal pipes
Especially if tha works u speakin at spoken right
My ice's crushed so don't touch tha broken ice
Koopa got all this publishin often covered in
Ice broads be lovin him his car be hoverin
Broads be buggin him but that boy be thuggenin
Be in more damn dirt than a car for shovellin
That boy been smugglin rims out of tha state
Out of tha country that got him riding chrome in Qqwait
And don't get me started on Summolia I'm out ballin ya
I can make u turn your head without callin ya
Twanks crawlin uh let it be known I'm thrown
I'm throwed tha Swisha House home thrown I own
On tha phone freaky moan at tha sound of tha tone
I come alone after I five her a then she gone
In this game I'm here forever u can't get rid of me
2 percent hate tha other 98 feelin me
Chamillionaire's voice screwed all of these boys feelin me
Cups leanin like tha tower of Pizza in Italy


[Paul Wall]
I'mma walkin blind spot because I'm hard to spot
Candy blueberry on tha drop leavin stains and spots
People ask like N'sync was tha deal with this pop
My trunk pop like like firecrackers pop pop pop
Ohhhh.... melesta your breasta
More ice than tha frozen food section at Fiesta
Tha Chick Magnet I got more mack than a big Mac
I'm paid in full like Madd Hatta and Big Kat
I got more mac N cheese than macicroni and cheese
You're comin home with me tonight girl give our homie tha keys
U got a man and, that aint really important
He's a jerk sweep tha dity flirt with tha skirt sargent
I run so much game Nike wants an endoursement
My trunk got more lights than a low fat asortment
Beg your pardon Ozarka water wash tha ride
Candy paint lookin so clean look like I washed it with tide
Ehhhh Sir Daily drinkin congiac
Janet Jackson mad cause I never called her back
I'm babilous Paul Wall and I'm throwed as a javilin
Chamillion sing tha hook babbilous boys babbilin

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Album: Greatest Hits (2005) Lyrics
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