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Batter Up

by Chamillionaire. Buy album CD: Other Songs 5 - HE

Mmm.. I say the fish don't fry in the kitchen
Beans don't burn on the grill (that's right)
It took a whole lot of tah-ryin
Just to get up that hill
I said but now we're up in the BIG LEAGUES
My dirty it's our turn at bat
And just as long as we livin, it's Lunatics playa
It ain't nuttin wrong with that, huh - batter up
-Look, Look
I might pull my cash out
And make ya women pass out
'cause I get more green then a leprechaun in a grass house
Hold Up..Just shut ya trap and listen to what the Chamill-Yun say
I mo' throwed then a football on Super Bowl sunday
Even if my nuts fell off and broke in little pieces
I'd still be the first nigga to get chose by ya nieces
Look, even if the tip of my dick was ashy
Ya misses would still harass me, bout doin' the nasty
Mouth glassy, lookin' like I swallowed a mirror
Gotta brush my teeth with windex to see my ice more clearer
Ice got my lip numb, feel like I lost my lip
I don't drink and drive, Chamillion only park and sip
I'm off the (hiccup), oops I mean I'm off the hook
Niggaz see me but don't speak, because I'm also a crook
Look, niggaz wanna hate me, 'cause they to scared to baller block this
I'll have ya girl top-less at the hotel eatin' chocolate
Wearin' nothing but boxers and you talkin' to who?
I'll make a nigga slow his roll like he was talkin' in screw
Parkin' lot pimp, I'm pullin' all the hoes in my view
A G in my wallet and a little bit of dough in my shoe
Knock-Knock, who is it?
It's the color changin' lizard
And my choppa come to pay you boot-leggin' midgets a visit
Hold up..No need to knock it if the Chamillionaire spoke it
Got niggaz in Wedgewood sayin' Chamillionaire broke it
Get it right

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Album: Other Songs 5 - HE Lyrics
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