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Willie Deadwilder

by Cat On Form. Buy album CD: Other Songs 3 - Y

Willie Deadwilder

( Lyrics written by Chan Marshall / Music written by M. Ward )
Bonus track included on Speaking for Trees bonus CD

Willie Deadwilder and Rebecca
They knew that they loved one another
He said fuck this cabby life
She said fuck this old trailer
He said I want you for my wife

Willie Deadwilder and Rebecca
They saw the same things at once
They shared the kind of stuff everybody dreams of
Finding out about, it's all about love

Willie Deadwilder and Rebecca
They got a few more years to go
Gonna have some good old times
No more sad, sad bad times
It's all that they've been waiting for
Someone to knock at the door
I tell you there are some people living alone
There are some people with nowhere to go
There are some people who don't believe in love
But Willie and Rebecca prove them all wrong

First time I saw him he smiled at me
And the first time I saw her she was beautiful
Sixty-two plus forty-six equals one hundred and eight
Possible years they'll live long to
That's almost half of the rest of his life
That's over half for her

Willie was shot once in his mind
His cry out saved his life
Second time through the heart
The doctor pulled the bullet from inside
He had a job to do, he thought
That's his way of life
To take that car and pick her up
To be a man for her
Broken down and cut in two
She had been married for most her life
Now she's finally free for awhile

Long enough to see this man and what he means
When he tells her that God in on his side
No matter what, and will you marry me

Willie Deadwilder and Rebecca
They want to live a life
I wish I had a million dollars
So we could throw it all away
I wish I had a million dollars
So we could light it aflame
I wish I had one million dollars
So we could spend it every day

I'm on the same side as you
I'm just a little bit behind
And please don't bring me down
Please don't let me go
I'm looking for a new kind of thing
A place that makes my heart sing
Another question answered from above

Please don't let it worry you now
Please don't let it worry you now
I've seen inside your heart and soul
It's beautifully jacketed
An open hand and a mind to lend
There's nothing more romantic
Than a distant place behind your smile
Tells my eyes that I am coming home
Please don't bring me down
Please don't let me go

My heart is a worried thing
Memories have planted
Seeds of a field I now want to reap and sow
Maybe when i'm sixty-two, maybe when i'm forty-six
Maybe when i'm thirty-two maybe the next time I see you
We will have our universe for the first time, again
Rings around our sweet friendship
Will tear up in into a run
Galloping forever more until tomorrow is gone

I deeply say to you now
I deeply say to you now
I deeply say to you now
There's another question answered from above
You're the kind of friend of mine I never had
You're the kind of love I had that I never thought there was
Saint saint saint saint Augustine
Far far far away Georgie Koontz (?)
We gotta stake this thing out
We gotta laugh the whole day through
We gotta live the way that we want to

As long as God is willing, I am too
And as long as you are here, I am too
As long as he and she can forgive and love again and still love us too
You take my heart and you give it to me
You show me love i've never seen
You take my heart and give it to me

When Dylan sang Ramona in the taxi that night
I knew it right away would either be hard or be right
'Cause I'm not Ramona, and you didn't write that song
'Cause you're not Dylan, and I know we really do get along
Get along and get on with what it is you got to do
Go on get along with whome'er you choose
This is your life
But if God is willing, then I'm willing too, oh
I'll be in the front, back and side of you
Just many happily waiting for you
Saint saint saint saint saint Augustine
Far away far way Georgie Koontz (?)
You know what it is
You know what it is you got to do

A young little girl named Jennifer gave me a turquoise ring
A native sentiment of joy love and peace, I thank you for this ring
It's beautiful to me
A lady future journalist gave to me a lucky sweater of white
Stains she had since eighteen, amazing that she did that
It would have been hard to do for me

A man named John wrote a song for me to sing
Also the most unbelievable flowers I have ever seen
He is a very good man
And he has been an even very good man to me
I hope that one day that song I will sing
Another love named Jennifer gives her care to me
A radiant heart with holy power, she believed in me
And with that gift I cry right now
But a memory of her laughing kills the beast

Another love I still love, a familiar face to me
A standing arch above my heart I've never been to reach
He's laid my head on the bed
And told me Sweet, I'm not crazy like the others say
No he's not crazy like me

This is a four hour song
And it will go on and on
A moment in time traveling on even if it is too long
I don't care
I love to share
I love to sing along
I know you do too
Feel the same way so come along
Sing your song
It's all that you have to do

I'm looking for that kind of mind
I never thought i'd find
I'm looking for that kind of love
I never thought was real
I'm looking for your heart
My dear are you
Looking for me
Please don't bring me down
Please don't let me go

With your love I have foothold
I can carry on
But please don't let me worry you now
Please don't let me worry you now
There's nothing i am saying
That could ever be made wrong
I love you, love you so
I love you so strong
Please remember your heart in me
Please remember it's not anatomically correct
Please know there's no boundary
And if God is willing to protect
Our love, a world of love
I think you'd be willing too

Where are you from
And where are you going to
We have so much to do
Where you are going is
Where you do come from
And where i will be is with you
We have so much to do
We have so much to do
We have so much to do
Hurry, hurry, hurry let's go
Hurray, hurray, things are gonna be okay
Hurry, hurry let's go
All them children are waiting
It's time and they are ready
We got so much to do
And if God is willing
We have got so much
We have got so much

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