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So cold / regression Lyrics by Catch 22


So cold / regression by Catch 22

Come on in and take a load off.
Pour yourself up a drink and we can talk.
Has it really been that long?
How did we get so old?
What's the problam man?
You seem a little cold.
Let's take a walk.
I dont care where we end up.
We'll have a rap about nothing and never shut up.
I can rhyme up with up when
i damn well please and it's no bother.
I'll end this verse with ease.
I can't believe your still mad a bout that.
I cant believe your still living in the past.
I cant believe you havnt figured it out yet.
Figured out that life is obnoxious.
This I know. When did you get so seriuos?
How did you get so cold?
You sit in your rocking chair on the portch.
You sit and watch telivision shut me out.
You can sit on your thumb.
You can sit and twirl.