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Cruel Hand Of Fate Lyrics

Cruel Hand Of Fate by Casey Stratton  

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Cruel Hand Of Fate I can't keep away from you
Even though I know what I must do
The cruel hand of fate, with you
Is slowly closing around this

Something's got to get me through
I can't take another disappointment
Still I return to you with my arms open
With my heart stolen
I want you
But I can't have you
And I understand it
No one is wrong this time
I feel this
I'm wrapped around this
But will it be worth it?
Will there be a sign?

Floating down the river with you
I could tell there would be trouble ahead
But it felt so good next to you
That I risked it
I wished for it

Pulled to you like waves to the coastline
I can let you go, I'm sure I'll be fine
I keep telling myself those comforting lies
To get through the longest night

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