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Hope Springs Eternal Lyrics

Hope Springs Eternal by Capdown  

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Hope Springs Eternal To reach the constellations and pacify the world
It's all we ever wanted from this cavalcade of spoils
And faking this democracy and shaking hands as one
When all is said and all is done it doesn't change a thing

There's a burden on these people like the seas of Calcapone
Just a little misunderstanding from the days of kings and fairy tales
And every time the future seems to tinker on the brink
Of clearing all the scum you know it doesn't change a thing

Hope springs eternal
In every child in every doorway I can't wait now,
To see your time coming home
Hope springs eternal In every grain of every sand dune

In a DJ revolution music makes the world
A soundtrack for the people, it makes them feel at home
And hanging in the city where the neon tells the time you know
Everyone can see it now it doesn't change a thing

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