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Luchini (This Is It)

by Camp Lo. Buy album CD: Uptown Saturday Night

This is it (What?!)
Luchini pourin' from the sky
Lets get rich (What?!)
The cheeky vines
The sugar dimes
Cant quit (What?!)
Now pop the cork and scream the vigga
And get lit (What?! What?! What?!)
Verse One:
Introducin' phantom of the dark
Walk through my heaven with levitation
From efficient
and these leathers showboatin with Rugars
Flash vines Belafonte vigga
Lets get for what it's worth
As we confiscate your figgas
Cassanova brown levitatin jiggy in da shiggy's
In la hotta Car 54 chasin diamond runners
Headin ice bound, where every chilla dime can get
Your Harlem buck strut freezin world hice Hollywood
Madame Butterfly let me in your house of pleasure
From the knuckle swat shadowboxin catchin black-eye blues
I play the deef (What?!)
Sensations at the Monte Barbie screamin (Cheeba!)
For fillin pleasures at my castles (Blow the smoke out!)
The boss of Vegas substitutes when the Dutch is gone
The Lo don't stop give me shouts
Its the season sauters
Souflers for swervin no corners
We magnets to moolah
Livin wit Charlie's Angels hornets
No smilin were slidin
That gets you caught up in the octa
Or deaded for movin
Its just like that as we proceed
Saturday night special better take it lightly Ja-Jiyah
A happy time quest to the coast of Key Largo wire-ah
The chain gang keep your ears out for our years
Sippin' fountain root house of bamboo paradise
Chorus: repeat 2X
This is it (What?!)
Luchini pourin' from the sky
Lets get rich (What?!)
The cheeky vines
The sugar dimes
Cant quit (What?!)
Now pop the cork and scream the vigga
And get lit (What?!)
[1st time] This is it (What?!)
[2nd time] (What?! What?!)
Verse Two:
For these feral herds of seas of black cheese that I can't missa
Silky Days, satin nights takin' flights down to Florence
We sensation spanish flyin with the lady Scarface
Bottoms up sunshine.. Love Potion Number 9
And we headin from the magic city, transcending sweet
Up on your aura, find 'chini in London
Relaxation in Bora Bora
Got notion to bring it... sing it
Love up in my function
Stonin... robbin
We hiestin merchandise and gunnin
Love it... leave it
But bless the war chief or his bison
Get it... got it
The Lo will forever be nicin
Yeah; the Sonny Cheeba he be sippin Armaretta
The Geechie Gracious he be sippin Armaretta
We float the tri-state drink in this satin vines
This Coolie High jack pack from the sugar shack
Then what we do after we sip the Armaretta
We start the Harlem River quiver
Dig it sweet daddy
Sharpen the crimson blade
High sierra seranade
Anatomy for seduction be this here
Enter the place with grace
Jersey Armaretta the burstin of clouds
It pours.. everything seems better
Or flats with love we move
Only in the mist
Its Lo its life
And we can't get enough of this
Chorus: repeat 2X
This is it (What?!)
Luchini pourin' from the sky
Lets get rich (What?!)
The cheeky vines; the sugar dimes
Cant quit (What?!)
Now pop the cork and scream the vigga
And get lit (What?!)
[1st time] This is it (What?!)
[2nd time] This is it (What?!) (x2)
The Sonny Cheeba he be sippin Armaretta
The Geechy Gracious he be sippin Armaretta
The Joe King he be sippin Armaretta
The Chaquita Kid he be sippin Armaretta
We got high stakes for mine Kiwa Armaretta
And then my man Ill Will sip Armaretta
And then my man Cab in the tray sippin that
We slide through the Tri-State with the hi-hat
And then I float side-to-side in my Coolie High
And then I peep the sunset with this Spanish Fly
And then I float down south with the Boogie Flats
And then I slide up in-between a ziggy
And all of that gibs

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