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Keep on pushin' Lyrics

Keep on pushin' by Calvin Richardson  

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Keep on pushin' Verse 1:
Girl I've lied but
Please forgive me
It's been a few months now since I did it
I don't want to go on reliving things
Put it in the past
I wanna make this love last

Don't keep on pushin me
If you do
I just might fall over the edge baby

Verse 2:
And girl I'm trying
But I don't wanna waste your time
No longer do I have a one track mind
I know I broke your trust baby
But I love you too much baby


Bridge 1:
Sometimes your angers hard for me to bear
And I just want baby
To take my hands and
Run my fingers through your hair


Verse 3:
Hush baby don't say a word
Nigga like me had to be heard
I told you before
I can't take no more
Don't push me
Push me no more

Bridge 2:
Cuz I'm warnin you
I'm fallin fallin fallin fallin
Fallin fallin fallin
Fallin out of love

Bridge 1


Bridge 2(2x)


Bridge 2

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