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Golden rule Lyrics

Golden rule by California Redemption  

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Golden rule (The one with the most gold is the one that makes the rules)

I wasn't born so you could use me to get ahead in life
and if I was is this cause really worth the fight?
There's no amount of cash, that could make want to kill
or any plot of soil or any stack of bills.

There is no book of ethics/morals that would say that it’s alright
to put me in a situation where I don’t want to fight.
Our country is being ruled by fist and the golden rule;
not the rule your thinking of....the one where we're your tools.

The one that has the most gold is the one that makes the rules
and we don't have a say ‘cause of this auctions high reserve.

The Draft is getting ready behind your curtain of lies.
He's out of retirement and he's working on his eyes.
When make-ups done and ready, he'll be in the spot-light:
The greatest show you'll ever see, and it'll seem sincere, and right.

The one that has the most gold is the one that makes the rules
and were the ones to die if we keep playing the fool.

Most of the country will be dancing with the so-called patriots
but some of us will be on the streets trying to change their thoughts.
We won’t be like you, we wont be pouring lies down all their throats.
And hopefully we'll keep a few soldiers off your boats.

DRAFT ME??? No, I’m not following you.
f**k YOU!! I'll never die for you.
I RULE!! You’re not the boss of me.
You'll have to put me in jail ‘cause I won't fight!

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