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Hey Tuti Tatey Lyrics

Hey Tuti Tatey by Burns Robert  

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Hey Tuti Tatey Hey Tuti Tatey
(Robert Burns)
Landlady count the lawin,
The day is near the dawin,
Ye're a'blind drunk, boys,
And I'm jolly fou.
ch. Hey tuti tatey, How tuti taiti,
Hey tuti taiti, wha's fou now.
Cog an ye were ay fou,
Cog an ye were ay fou;
I wad sit and sing to you,
If ye were ay fou.
Weel may we a'be,
Ill may we never see!
God bless the King
And the Companie!
tune: Hey tuti tatey (206)
filename[ TUTITATY
play.exe TUTITATY

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