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Welcome To The Battle Lyrics

Welcome To The Battle by Burning In Hell  

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Welcome To The Battle [Music: Geraldo / Leandro Lyrics: Geraldo / Leandro]

Hurt hands of a man
Created the steel blade for the sword of a king
He put in this sword all his feelings, hope, justice and hate
Fighting for his people against the enemies
Holding in their hands his sword of steel
Their knights ride in their horses and pray for this night
Waiting for the order of the king
The order of the king is...
Fight like heroes, on the battle fields
Waiting for the night, use your swords made of steel
Follow your great king, he'll bring hope, riches and peace
The knights have their minds, guided by the force of the king's heart
That clamour to win, and clamour for glory, and victories for his people.
Honor, justice, guide the king by heart and soul forever
In this sword there's the weight of a nation
Waiting to make justice by the king's hands


Welcome to the battle
We will fight to win or die!!!
Fight for nation, for life of the king
Never surround by power,
Honor their lives and theirs swords
And run to eternal glory... go!!!
The order of the king is...


Welcome to the battle
We will fight to win or die!!!
The blood spilled by the knights
The blood spilled by the sword of the king
That'll reign and bring hope and peace
We will fight to win!!!

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