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You Go Your Gone Lyrics

You Go Your Gone by Buck-0-Nine  

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You Go Your Gone Tommy slipped away
From the world for a while
He only left a picture
Of a seventh grade smile
He got caught in between
A mother's lost hope
And a father's lost dream
A head of ideas that don't mean anything
They don't mean anything
Tommy had a problem
With being alone
He spent everyday of his life on his own
But there's no one to blame
It's hard to keep friends
When you keep moving away
The cards and letters
Don't mean anything
They don't mean anything
When you go, you're gone
And if you feel you can' go on
You can always come home
Tommy stepped away
From this world for awhile
His first few steps, they felt like a mile
They never could believe
He said goodbye and they just watched him
All the things he knew don't mean anything
They don't mean anything
And if you go too far
You might never come back
And i might go too far
And i won't ever come back
And when you go i'll wait for you
And when go i'll be there too

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