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Nineteen Lyrics

Nineteen by Buck-0-Nine  

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Nineteen Not Long Ago there was a time
When everything would blow my mind
Then I'd learn a bit more
Then I'd learn a bit more
It cancelled everything
I learned before
I said hey! i don't know what im doing
Should i plan on my class reunion?
Ive been working on a vision of clarity
This is how it boils down to me
Anything is possible
Anything and everything
When i was 19 i thought I'd seen everything
I was gonna see
Then I'd see a bit more
Then I'd see a bit more
It cancelled everything I'd seen before
I said hey? i thought i knew it all
I was setting up for a hell of a fall
Writing down my philosophy songs
There's one that still holds strong
With everybody that goes by
The less and less i wonder why
Because i've seen them rise
And i've seen them fall
But i'll never claim to have seen them all
I said hey? i ain't seen a thing
You never know what tomorrow will bring
I've been working on a state of mind
Brace yourself for the ride

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