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Here We Go Again Lyrics

Here We Go Again by Buck-0-Nine  

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Here We Go Again They had a seaside suite on the weekend of the 4th of July
He had a chocolate treat for every tear she cried
Then she fell down by the hand of him
As she fell down
She said " Here we go again"
and "It's not my fault this time."
As if it ever was before
He's got her where he wants

In the palm of his hand
He's effortless
In the palm of his hands
She's helpless, but
She feels safe when he's around
But she knows it won't be too long
(Until she sees this side of him again)

She's been down this road a thousand times before
He always seems to come through before she's out the door
But not this time she said, "I'm gonna take my life back from him"

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