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All Along Lyrics

All Along by Buck-0-Nine  

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All Along Where is tiem 'cause you're feeling much older
I'm alive and living with your cold shoulder
You say those are over
I say they've just begun!

It's been a while and I got carried away
you're bored and you've had yoru fun
Don't say those days are over
Because mine have just begun

I've seen my little brother
Freaking out and seein gcolors
Feelin ggreen with jealousy
I'm seeing red and Olivelawn

All Along

Is it me or is your mind getting hollow?
In need of leading you and you need to be my follow
how we were that summer
instead you seem much older now
Instead you treat me colder now

Where's my friend, I think he's running away
From all those things we've done
Wanna get you back up here
But you're already gone

Heard about the others
They're at home and being lifeless
Forgot to read a magazine
I guess my constitution's strong

All along

I could be most anything if I could be the one

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