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Hair Scoff Lyrics

Hair Scoff by Brutality  

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Hair Scoff Why did you do hara-kiri?
Where you treated bad?
You 0 crook of a scum
Don't you understand?
What kind of a doctor are you?

I'm very well when
I'm very bad
Are you feeling better now?
You psychical shrink.

No, no. When I'm well
I'm vvery bad.

They didn't mind me in police.
They did beat me! What for?
I said to bite his hand of
And that I was introduced to

My father bid me to eat hair
Of a cat
But I don't blame him.
That's the fault of 'em all.
You right ones don't know
What's the taste of a cat's hair.
There's no mate
To be found on my body.
All is eaten away.

Why does my stomach ache?
Oh, Lord! How can I serve me
My most beloved food
If the stomach screams?
... crashing!

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