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Simply Lyrics

Simply by Broken-Hearted Janitors  

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Simply When I walk by
What do you think?
When I'm gone
What do you say?
In the tide of your love
I wanna sink
Under your shade
I wanna stay

So permission, If I may
To finally say, here we go
Bombs away...

And I want you to say
You want me this way
What I want you to do
Glance at me like I glance at you
What I want us to be
Simply you and me

If I dropped by
Would you love me?
If I called you up
Would you know my name?
I'm drowning in the sea
Of a girl I can't tame

Time now again
To put it on the line
To finally give you
This love of mine


Lay it on the line
Gimme a sign
I'm hanging from a vine


Cause i want you
To need me this way
To glance like I do
To be us like you and me
I want something different
Something knew
Wanna you to love me
Want you to know....



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