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Painted black Lyrics

Painted black by Bound For Glory  

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Painted black Confused creature, shedding its skin
With an identity loss, yet it tries to fit in
Disobeying natures laws, it chooses its way
On a path of destruction, to shades of gray
Rebelling against its peers, trying to be what its not
A creature of sickness, on sight it should be shot
With no pride in its past, or faith in its kind
How many more will follow with their brainwashed minds

You're an insult to my race
Come near, I'll spit in your face
If there's no questions, there's no answers
So don't ask me why
Just look in the mirror mother f**ker
You're living a lie
Painted black

Changing your speech, to the slang of your colored crew
Behind your back, they will laugh at the sign of the fool
At the drop of a dime, you'll get stuck in the back
But don't come crying to me, cause I'll just
Paint you black

(Repeat Chorus)

You've become a pathological liar to yourself
Just a victim of trend serving your master well
Don't come talking your home boy sh*t to me
I won't hear a word you utter
You'll find it hard to breathe when
You're lying face down in the gutter

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