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Bucket of sorrow Lyrics

Bucket of sorrow by Born Blind  

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Bucket of sorrow sitting in my room the walls creep in depression inside i cannot win so undeserving no value in life no one loves me why can't i just die? living day by day in my bucket of sorrows i don't care anymore if i see tommorrow locked in chains of depression what can set me free? what is here for me pondering no response the end of the road oh so it seems i can't control feeling inside of me but the feelings they control me it was Christ that set me free no more pain no more misery in Him i can be complete if you are in pain the answer...Jesus Christ no more... living day by day in my bucket of sorrows i have hope and future in tommorrow unlocked chains of depression i have eternal life in Jesus Christ

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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