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My Way - Bodycount


My Way by Bodycount

Yo it's my way, no way,
get dumped on the highway.
Buck, buck feel the blast from my gun
Yea, you're gettin drowned in the
a bug, thug, feel the cops catchin
Yo, it's my way, I slay, I play,
you stay down, you f**k around in my
town, you drown.
f**k you, f**k them, f**k that,
we come back through,
murderin your crew - what!
You don't know sh*t about my lifestyle,
it's buckwild,
late night gunfights, three strikes, i'd
rather fight.
Caught in the street, ya get beat down
ta raw meat,
f**kin with me and the Breed, you'll
soon bleed.
Yeah, it's Raw Breed - BC killin over-
droppin off rooftops, punks hang from
Night vision, incision, the opposition,
It's never your decision.
My way!
You can't tell me jack sh*t, suck my
out my face with that drama, I'll kill
your f**kin mama.
Iller than a postal worker, born to
suckas in my face with that bullsh*t die
It's Bizarra, ha, cause mad horror,
it's the dusted world of Bizarra.
High on acid, the ghetto bastard,
yo punk I'll put your ass in a casket.
You in a world of sh*t, f**kin with the
We pack full clips, and then we're done
with it.
Come with it, we get it on yo, you ain't
demolishin, the demolishion.
p**s on your grave, a killin craze.
In your town right now on any stage.
Who the f**k are you ? Trying ta diss
my crew ?
Who dies tonight b**ch ? - You!
My way!
I will do what I choose,
and if I loose
Well then I loose, My Way!
This is my f**kin' life,
and if I die
Well then I die, My Way!