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Mona Lyrics

Mona by Bo Diddley  

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Mona Mona Trk 2 Disc 2 2:22
(Ellas McDaniel)
Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley - vocal & guitar, Jerome Green - maracas
Clifton James or Frank Kirkland- drums, Peggy Jones - guitar
Flamingos (group) backing vocals: Harvey Fugua, Bobby Lester
Alexander 'Pete' Graves & Prentiss Barnes.
Recorded: Feb 8, 1957, NYC Originally Checker #860.
Album: Bo Diddley 'I'm A Man - The Chess Masters 1955-1958
B0009231-02 Hipo Select (Geffen) 2007

Mona, I need you
Mona, ooo-ooo, Mona
Yeah! Yeah-yeah-yeah!
Ooh-ooo-ooo, Mona
Tell ya Mona, what I wanna do
Get-a my house a-next door to you
Can I see you sometime?
A-we could go kissin' through the blind

Can you come out in the front do'?
Listen to my heart go bumpbity-bump
I'll lead you baby, that's no lie
Without your love I will surely die

Hey-ay, Mona
Ooo-ooo, Mona
Hey! Whoa-oh, whoa-ooh, Mona
Hey-aay! Mona


Hey-Hey-aay, Mona
Ooh-ooh, Mona

Can you come out on the front?
Listen to my heart go bumpity-bump
Hey little baby, that's no lie
Without your love I will surely die.

(Guitar to end)

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