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Bob Mould Lyrics You Will, By Bright Eyes

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You Will, By Bright Eyes

by Bob Mould. Buy album CD: Workbook

you say i treat you like a bookon a shelf. i dont take you out that often
cuz i know that i completed you and that is why you are here.
that is the reason you stay here. how awful you must feel.
you said you would be my dream. i could have you every night and if,
by morning, i had forgotten you, well, no big deal, it would be all right
cuz your the reoccurring kind. you never really leave my mind. are you
the love of my lifetime? cuz there have been times i have had my
doubts. we were just kids when i first kissed you in the attic of my
parents house and i wish we were there now it took so long to figure
out what this book has been been i write when im away
letters youll never read you said to go explore those other women the
geography of their bodies but there is just one map youll need.
you are a boomerang youll see you will return to me.
you will. you? will. you?will. you? will. you? will. you?will. you? will.
you?will. you?will. cuz if you dont then this book is all lies if you dont
then my plans would be ruiend if you dont ill start drinking like the
way i drank b4 and i just wont have a future anymore

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Album: Workbook (1989) Lyrics
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