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Yeah, Definitely Lyrics by Bob Geldof


Yeah, Definitely by Bob Geldof

If I fall down on my knees
And my tear-stained cheeks say please
Well yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
And if you take me
From this world
Of lies and pain and hurt
Well yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
From your mouth you breathe
The breath of Summer's kiss
The magic words of calm
Come pouring from your lips
Hey babe come here quick
My head is pounding
My mind is sick
Everybody I know said you must be joking
When they saw me with you
The laughed until they choked
And I know when it gets too much
I'll lean on you
My velvet crutch
Oh yeah
Hey you pretty thief
You stole my fear
And gave me peace of mind
*written by Bob Geldof
*taken from the album entitled "The Happy Club"