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Please read! (moderator's message) Lyrics

Please read! (moderator's message) by Blur  

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Please read! (moderator's message) Correcting and submitting lyrics:

If you happen to spot a mistake in the lyrics feel free to send me a note.
We're in this together, right?
In the note please specify what part/line in the song needs to be corrected.
Communication is the key here.
I won't correct the lyrics if you just say they're wrong.
If you want your 15 minutes in Fame and your name/e-mail address
appear where it says correcter let me know.
Also if you notice a new release before I do, I'd appreciate it.

I'd also like to do abit advertising here.
If you like Blur I bet you'd dig Graham Coxon's solo material and Gorillaz.
The artists can be found from the database.

Muchos gracias,

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