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Somebody Comes For Me Lyrics

Somebody Comes For Me by Bloodparade  

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Somebody Comes For Me
One more time, I wake up
Enveloped in a lake of sweat
You insult a new die.
Again the wish to die.
Your sunk and untidy bed
The dirty and threatening sheets
Cover your miserable damaged and
Depressed body.
You give, you give a sign
Looking for answers
And you ask when?
When will she come for me?
She comes for me!
ONE more time, I'm wake up
Enveloped in a lake of sweat
You insult a new day
Again the wish to die.
You haven't since yesterday
That glass in the table looks untenable,
The wish for at moment
You only want to drink...
Your strength doesn't exist
Your arm weighs ton
Your throat demands it.
The body's stink is disgusting,
Your hot and dry mouth,
You are only longing for one thing,
To kiss the death's lips.

Your legs feel the weight
From the other days
The cramps don't stop
And the atrophy is the greatest.
The pains and the delirium
Are passing in your head. You let
Yourself die. You only look the watch,
You wish one thing in your life.
Leaving the bed
Get up and walk,
You crawl as your strength comes back
Somebody waits behind the door
Your desperation grows on, to scars and hurts
Your nails
The beyond main door opens
And your arms to stretch out, you feel tears
Falling down
Your heart is dying
And you give your last smile.

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