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Curtains Of Imaginary Vortex - Black Omen


Curtains Of Imaginary Vortex by Black Omen

In the raven black forest wander I with my dead flowers
I look for my dead children with all my melancholy
So thirsty for peace is my soul that
I wait for my end with full moon light
Perceiving is so difficult
And being able to find the truth
I can see the beauty of death
I can see the truth through my dull eyes
Behind the curtains of imaginary vortex
On the roses she'd I each drop of blood
From my eyes and I vomit blood
Dreadful dreams again turn to beauty
With the cold breath of death
ÓI just cameÅ
Don't know the reason
My feet took me here
And I kissed, without reason,
The body with the identity ÓmeÔ
And I leave without knowing the reason
My feet take me from hereÅÔ