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Reincarnational Meeting Lyrics by Black Oak Arkansas


Reincarnational Meeting by Black Oak Arkansas

The owl opened his tired and bloody eyes to the new coming night.
He flattered his strong wings and glided outside from the ruins he lived alone.

The full moon illuminated the cemetery by squeaking through the clouds
Flying over the monastery reached the owl the cemetery

Tears were dropped onto the new grave which had black garland
Some sad man in black robes were leaving the cemetery sadly

Every night witnessed the owl a new body that came to this big cemetery
It was by his lonely house.

He carried on his life watching this tragedy
This time he didn't have his every night breakfast from the insects and the small rats

Then he made another thing he made every night:
He perched on the pine tree that saw his grave and waited for the midnight

And as he anticipated, this time she didn't visit his grave
His eyes looked for his black dressed lover, but nobody was there

He cried in agony, thinking that from now on he was all alone.
From the next tree was a female owl watching the happenings,

And she came close to him!...