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Lace And Pretty Flowers Lyrics

Lace And Pretty Flowers by Blackie & The Rodeo Kings  

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Lace And Pretty Flowers You got lace and pretty flowers
To give your baby
To get her under your powers
You got silk and sweet perfumes
You know she might come
She might come up to your room

But if you've got soul
You know she's gonna bowl you over
And when my baby rolls me over
I feel like I want to fly
I feel like I want to fly
You got satin and lots of money
Diamond rings and such things
To trap your honey
You got big black cars
You want to let her ride
Give it all to her
She might come over to your side

But if you've got love
And a deep devotion
It gets just as deep as the ocean
With just you two inside
Just you two inside

You got a house, a mansion in the country
Give it all to her
She could still be empty
You could be the richest man in the world
But there's nothing I know of
That'll buy you the heart of a girl

But if you've got love…

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