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Almost a memory now Lyrics

Almost a memory now by Blackhawk  

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Almost a memory now We've been up all night trying to figure it out
Trying to make it all make sense
We ain't right and we ain't wrong
We're just on both sides of the fence
We can talk, talk, talk all night
But only one thing will make it right
A kiss is worth a thousand words
When nothing else will do
To fix a broken heart I've learned
A kiss is worth a thousand words
A kiss is worth a thousand words
Now you've got your side and I've got mine
But we can't make each other see
We've been round and round
Since the sun went down
Somehow we still disagree
So lay those angry words to rest
Let's do what we do best
Just close your eyes
Dream about me and you
Just hold me tight
And let the love come through

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