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Teach Ourselves To Fly - Blackboard Jungle


Teach Ourselves To Fly by Blackboard Jungle

Last night I woke in a deep cold sweat
Felt like the dream wasn't over yet
I looked over to watch you sleep
Like an angel you looked so at peace
Yes you did
Before we throw inthe towel
Before we lay down and die
I think we could teach ourselves to fly
It might not be easy but we can make it if we try
We could teach yourself to fly
Won't you
I stood ashore watched a sinking ship
Wondered if there was anything that could save it
Sometimes you don't realize whhat you had till later on
It can be too much, too late and much too gone
So they say
Won't you fly
Like heaven we could hang above
And laugh that they can't touch us
So easy to lay down and die
Much harder than to teach ourselves to fly
To fly
The old ones they say it's part of memories
It's not too late for you baby
Fly, fly, fly