Playskool Murda (Featuring Ghost Fleet) Lyrics

Binocular Lyrics Playskool Murda (Featuring Ghost Fleet)

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Playskool Murda (Featuring Ghost Fleet)

by Binocular. Buy album CD: Binocular

I love you, you love me, we're a happy (Gunshots)
Shut tha fuck up!

Oh, it's a murda party, and ima kill Barney
Crack his fuckin' skull wit a bottle of Bacardi
Msiss Piggy, Kermit, faggot ass muppets
Raggedy puppets, they dead anyway, so fuck it
It's a beautiful day in the neighboorhood
Cancer got to ya first, but it's all good
Lamb Chops, exactly, good eats
Cook ya ass up on Sesame Street
Bannana's In Pajama's, can't stand us
Attempted murder, but we smoke too much, they out ran us
Telletubbies, fuck Tinky Winky
Die mutha fucka, c'mon think quickly
Missed oh shit, when I took a shot
But hey, at least I hit Baby Bop
Now kids, ya feelin's, I didn't mean to hurted'em
But these wack children role models, I done murdered'em

(Barney Theme to the beat)

Sesame street has been a re-run for the last decade
And 'cause of me the guy from Reading Rainbow never got paid
This program's been brought to you in part by bitches like you
I bust Blue in the head that's why he talks like *Baboo-Boo*
Went up to the wack show headquarters, PBS
And there was Barney smokin' up on some cess
I took out Telletubbies 'cause they got too much fame
Now Tinky Winky refs at all the CFG basketball games
Sayin' I love you, and you love me
That wack show creates disfunctional families
The new shows piss me off, like Rolie-Polie-Olie
I walk up to that bitch like, whuts up on my forty?
Shoulda seen Lamb Chops when I killed her friend
Now we'll see if that song will ever end
Now back to Sesame Street, I reach into my pouch
'cause I only smoke out with my homie Oscar The Grouch

(Barney Theme to the beat)

The Care Bears (Dead) Berenstein Bears (Dead)
All the furry little bitches, bitch you heard what I said
Listen to me, I take my forty
Then I crack it over all they fuckin' heads even Barney
Feelin' horny, so I fuck me a Miss Piggy
Smacked her in the mouth, then I cracked her head on the chimney
Sesame Street, knock'em off they feet
Goldilocks, Three Bears, suck on this meat

Bert and Ernie, they can both fuck off
I'm walkin' down Sesame Street with my muthafuckin' sawed off
I blow they heads off (Bang Bang) oh whut you gonna do?
Fuck the Power Rangers, and all the Poke'Mon too
Not to mention, that non-talkin' muthafucka, Scooby-Doo
Just listen, fuck him and his Mystery Crew
I ain't got a problem, I can't stand'em
If I could get'em all together I would fuckin' back hand'em

(Barney Theme to the beat)

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Album: Binocular (2001) Lyrics
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