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Problems Lyrics

Problems by B.G.  

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Problems Hook: I've got problems
In my f**king house
b**ch would you please
Get the f**k out

[Verse 1]
Trust me hoes, they all slick
I found out, they ain't sh*t
Almost was played by my main b**ch
Oh boy, she tried to pull 1 on quick
I'm paperchasing, trying to get rich
On a 60 day tour with my clique
She hit me while I'm on the rode and was like
Bab sh*t bad can moms spend a few nites
I say ya, it's cool
But , check what this hoe do
Slickly moving momma in my house
Could picture the hoe while she put out
Now dat ain't even the half of it
Wit moms come 2 neices, 2 nephews, 2 cousins
They done got comfortable in my sh*t
Cheerin don't flush the trailings after they p**s
b**ches wilding, kids, jumping and playing
Breaking lamps, wasting food and leaving stains
Mom laying in my lazy boy
Kids jamming tapes in my VCR
Flicking my TV like a light switch
God can only stop me from killing this b**ch
I'm on the way back to my crib
I pull up, "this can't be how I live"
I jump out ready, to start bucking
I'm p**sed off, mad and disgusted
b**ch tryna give me a excuse
It ain't nothing you can say or do
You ask could momms stay, cus it was bad
You ain't said nothing bout cha whole fam
Look at my sh*t, it's f**ked up
At it smell like a project cut
You ain't had the decency to clean up
You, ya ma, and children, can pack up
Please hurry before I go off
And mess around in here and catch a charge
You showed me, you ain't sh*t
You showed me, a b**ch gon be a b**ch
Look what you done done to my house
Before you get pistal whipped b**ch get out

Hook: I've got problems
In my f**king house
b**ch would you please
Get the f**k out

[Verse 2]
Here's another f**ked up episode
My cousin came to visit from Chicago
I ain't seen him since we was young bucks
I turned thug, and he wannabe with the bustas
So why he down visiting, he staying wit me
I put him under surveilence longer than a week
He don't put 100% in his hygenes
He lie and stunt bout what he doing be in the streetz
He eating, he sh*tting, he sleeping, all for free
He ain't cleaning behind his self, he think it's the double tree
I'm almost to the point to ask him
What's happening? But I know, he get smart, I'ma slap him
Now I gotta leave him by his self for the weekend
I gotta fly to handle business in Cleaveland
I jet and this nigga go through my phone numbers
Call em', tell him I got him a surprise party, come over
So happen that I'm finished a day early
And decide to fly back home and check on this b**ch
I get there,i'm f**ked up my sh*t packed like a nightclub
Sofa's ripped, tables broke and it's full of weed smoke this
Nigga got it coming, every tooth in his mouth
I'ma knock-out, I can't believe what he done to my house

Hook: I've got problems
In my f**king house
b**ch would you please
Get the f**k out

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