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Captive State Of Mind Lyrics

Captive State Of Mind by Betrayer  

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Captive State Of Mind My body lies lifeless, my mind still awake
A shell of a man, a comatose state
Eyes, glazed as ice, search for what is real
Awakened to find I still sleep, all numbness I feel

Oh, what can release me
From the walls in my head?
There's no escape from me
A prisoner to my body instead
Silent terror rises, tortured by this fate
This surely is a dream, or God's mistake
Fully aware that this hell is real
Trapped in my body, waiting for the freedom of death


No voice to speak with
No movement made
This horrible sleep I cannot break
No words from my mouth
No sight at all
Restricted to this captive state of mind

My body lied lifeless, my mind was awake
A shell of a man, in a comatose state
Eyes, glazed as ice, closed forever by sleep
In passing I can't lose this destiny I keep


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