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Blackest Ecstasy Lyrics

Blackest Ecstasy by Belphegor  

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Blackest Ecstasy With a crucifix - I smash her body
The deformation - is grotesque
My passion crawls - for your flesh
The ritual - can begin
Turn the cross - upside down
Into her - bleeding cunt
Urinate - in her mouth
Hack and f**k - for supper
Blackest - blackest
Ecstasy - ecstasy
Beyond the - boundaries
of pleasure - pleasure
Sucking out - eating raw flesh
f**k you whore - we burn in blasphemy
For sex I'll use - her lovely head
Delightful orgasm - so deep in me
Blackest - blackest
Ecstasy - ecstasy
Beyond the - boundaries
Of pleasure - pleasure
I spill out - blackest blood
Prepare your return - this place you'll never leave
Ich liebe es - wie du dich mir
Von hinten öffnest - schwarz und kalt
(Voll toter Romantik)
Evil thoughts - full of perversion
What a beautiful view - when I scratch your bones
Das Blutopfer - bestialisch rotverschmiert
Der Himmel ist unsere Hölle -
Das Martyrium der Todeshochzeit

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