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Ain't gonna figure it yet - Beenie Man


Ain't gonna figure it yet by Beenie Man

Verse 1: 
I'm brave but I'm shaking 
I'm near but yet I'm far 
I don't believe in civilization 
But yet I still drive a car 
I'm crippled but I'm walking 
I'm freed yet I'm barred 
I don't believe in hard work
But still I have a farm 
But look what it all comes down to 
Ain't gonna figure it yet 
'Till you have one hand full of ashes 
And the other hand is putting your soul to rest 
Verse 2: 
I'm broke but I'm still spending 
I'm poor but I'm kind 
I'm a sinner yet I'm an angel 
I'm leading but I'm behind 
I'm dumb but I'm talking 
I'm seeing yet I'm blind 
I'm dull but I'm still shinning 
I'm alive but I can die 
Verse 3: 
I ain't hungry but I'm drinking 
I hate liquor but I'm drinking wine 
I'm puzzled to be crowned king 
I'm the law but I do crime 
I'm cool but I'm vicious 
I'm a fool but I'm wise 
I'm a politician but I'm not voting 
I guess this is the end of my line 
Verse 4 (Bridge): 
I'm sad but I'm happy 
I'm not gonna loose my mind 
It's late but it's so early 
And I wonder what's the timeBeenie Man Lyrics Index