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Battle Lyrics Attack Of The Orcs

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Attack Of The Orcs

by Battle. Buy album CD: Break The Banks

Screaming and shouting, yearn for blood
Sevnts of Melkor the evil god
Riding with wolves, runners of night
Horders of the eye, the black blades of might

They shall raze your villages, destroy your camps
Rape your cattle and slaughter your wives
Under the darkness they shall arrive
Hear the screams, prepare for war
Black skin, sharp teeth, bestial eyes
Perverted mind, there's no ine like their kind
No mercy, no prisoners, death is the way
With fire and steel they will slay

Troops of the Red Eye, the horders of the Witch
Trust your sword throught the heart of betrayals
Great enemy from west, the sevants of the sun
Kill for your lord, the darkest one

Men of Gondor! Elves of Lothlorien!
Dwarves from the north now be strong!
Keep your lines and hold on tight!
Prepare your wapons and strike!

Like a wave they approach
Bash their way through your lines
Many of them
Evil in flesh
Feel no fear, just pray

Mockery of elves now our enemy
Brothers of starfolk against us
What kind of evil that they have seen
Can't imagine the pain what they feel

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Album: Break The Banks (2007) Lyrics
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