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New Lament Lyrics

New Lament by Battered  

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New Lament [Music: Herl√łe / Storesund, Lyrics: Olaisen]

Got a taste for self - torture?
To re-enact the things gone by?
Reassess yourself, just to see yourself differently
You've gone to great lengths just to mend your ways

Got a thing for self loathing?
To orchestrate a new lament?
Brick by brick. You swelled
Saw all others miles above you
Prone to make you sick
Why do you wait?
Bury your dread
Wire the bridge
I'll give you a hand
Paint the soil
Build a lie
Leave the choice
I'll help you decide

Get a place to file your pain
To reacquaint should you forget
Enhance your conscience
I don't think your feeling guilty enough
You'll thank me you know
In time...

Don't forget
You'll thank me
You're all set to
Blow you away


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