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We here (intro) Lyrics

We here (intro) by Bad Boy'S Da Band  

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We here (intro) [Babs] We love this Diddy, you know what I'm saying, you you worked the sh*t out of us dog, I
ain't gon f**k', no I'm tried as hell
[Chopper & Dylan] C.h.o.p....p.e.rrrraa
[Babs] Shoutouts...Shoutouts to MTV baby, shoutouts to MTV
[Dylan] MTV top of respect
[Babs] Yo, we stood on long ass lines, ya'll
[Dylan] And big up the otha forty thousand that didn't make it, ya'll
[Babs] Long ass lines
[Fred] We meant to be here
[Babs] Big up Mysterious baby
[Ness] Holla at cha' boy
[Babs] Big up Walter, big up Jonessa
[Fred] Alright, ya'll are in this motherf**ker, wit Da Band, tryin' to keep this thing right
here gutter, we trying not to curse at you motherf**kers, but cha'll don't been living in our
lives, and ya'll don't watch the show, so this is how it goes down wit Da Band...

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