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by Bad Books. Buy album CD: Bad Books

[Dylan talking]
Open the book
And I saw an angel come down from heaven
Having the key of the bottomless pit
And a great chain in his hand
I laid whole on the dragon, That old serpent
Which is the Devil, and Satan, and born in a thousand years

I'm the soldier type, keep grip on steel like Conan
Money bulgin' out my pockets, I peel with both hands
Inter-national dopeman, known as a D-Boy
If ya need me nigga, know you can call on the decoy
Me, All I do is move blow off tha corner
Paper chasin', cause I'm tryin to stack doe like colma, (Watch me)
I'm tryin' to keep my head on tight
Baller blockers make a nigga wanna ride at night
Block watchers callin' coppers so my mind ain't right
The Devil with me but the young boy acknowledge Christ
I did a lot of ridin' in my time, and God blessed me still
I look out for tha one the knocks

[Chorus: Fredrick & Sarah]
So why the Devil keep on fuckin' with me, why
Why he knockin' at my door, my door
Why the Devil keep on fuckin' with me
Can you tell me why he huntin' me for
Tell me what he huntin' me for, tell me
Could you tell me
Could you tell me what he huntin' me for
Tell me what he huntin' me for
Could you tell me, tell me
Could you tell me what he huntin' me for

You thinkin' lifes a joke, I'll slice your throat
Oh you a thug, you about to get yo' rights revoked
I'm from the Dirty, we don't even know the price of soap
I'm a star, look in the sky, you need a microscope
I'm way ahead of the game, thuggin' runs in my veins
My pockets chubby, so I went and got a gun in my name
Its just me, him and my blunt in the Range
A young nigga with the filty slang
Ha ha, I hop out like a Jack In The Box
With three macks and a glock
I'm askin' for nothin', I'm snatchin' my props
I'm gettin' money while I'm laughin' at cops
It ain't ya lad, I ain't bad
It's the Devil, why don't you tell'em to stop


[Elliot Ness] it's like somebodys lookin' over my shoulder
[EN] it's hard to focus in the open I'm surrounded by vultures
[Babs] So many haters I don't know where to turn
[B] And niggaz be starin' us down like we got money to burn
[EN] First things first, I'm sick of all you industry thugs
[EN] You feel me, You a enemy if anything 'cause
[Both] In memory of
[EN] Death to the powers that be
[EN] See I'm a motherfuckin' soldier ain't no coward in me
[EN] Somebody is constanly watching and following me
[EN] Throw shades over my eyes, Wont allow me to see
[Both] Allow me to peek
[EN] Forget about reading the fine print
[EN] My lyrical content on some Vietnam shit
[EN] Shoot 99% dogg, top of the line
[Both] I'm back on my grind
[EN] Satan in the back of my mind
[EN] Go a-head with the bullshit, tomorrow ain't promised
[EN] I'm pushin' the rock to stop from getting knocked unconscious


[P. Diddy talking with Sarah singing]
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil, for thou walk with me
It's Bad Boy baby, we done seen the ups and downs
Sunny days, rainy days, we'll never stop
Da Band, the next generation, God first
And we won't stop, Yea, Lets go
Yea, get off me, get off me
You know what team I'm on
One God, One love, One family, Bad Boy
I'm like Micheal baby
Dark Angel, Yea, You feel me
I see all you Devils out there
You'll never stop us
Da Band, 2003, The next generation
Yea, and we won't stop

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Album: Bad Books (2010) Lyrics
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