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Chopped Up

by Bad Books. Buy album CD: Bad Books

[Intro (Chopper Talking)]
What's happenin'
This ya boy Chopper City, ya heard me
New Orleans

[1st Verse]
I'm from the dirty, but I stay so fresh, so clean
With all these throwbacks, you think I got a time machine
Kodak moment, everytime I hit scenes
'cause I'm a young Zodac bonin', I flip keys
Alicia aint, got, nothin' on me, I'm so shady
Tha benz is delicious, tha color is all gravy
Please believe, my squad be them DBE's
We ridin' in them drop tops, wit them DVD's
Spreewells on them alloys, daddy I'm so jiggy
I flow so sickly, I roll with P. Diddy
Fa-Shiggety!!!, tha thug shit just run in my kidney
Always on point aint no nigga gone put no steel to me
Feelin' me, every move I make
It replay, EA Sports style, especially on tha freeway
Whodi so wild, I keep thangs that bark loud
Move the whole crowd, I suggest niggaz to roll out

[Hook 2x]
I'm a bad boy, get out my way, 'rilla
Bust shots on the block, when I spray, 'rilla
Ya get, chopped up, with the chopper
Ya dog ass gone get done for it
Ya betta run for it

[2nd Verse]

Tha bad boy's untamed guerrilla
I keeps it rilla' man ya gots to feel me
Worldwide connected from Ghanistan to Philly
What the dilly, I'm in tha milli' dropped 2-seater
With creepers strapped with nina's, fuckin' with senoritas
Jesus, I'm just off the meters
Believe, I still do got more stripes, and shelves than Adidas
Slang base-n-ball like Alex Rodriguez
Put ya foggles on, ya'll niggaz can't see me, like
I up, my level a notch to better
I can make a hit, a-capella
Ya can't, knock tha fella
I'm here now, I ain't going nowhere
Believe that, love it or not, the boy is here
The boy don't fear, shit, I been bad since birth, dog
Taught to blast, mash, get the cash, and murk off
Skkiirrt!!! fake niggaz catch down syndrax
Call 9-1-index, these niggaz is jive
Ya hoe, I'm all in that, she lovin' the guy
Fa' sho', look at her now, the stomach taped with pies
Ya heard me!

[Hook 2x]

I'm a bad boy, get out my way, 'rilla
Bust shots on the block, when I spray, 'rilla
Ya get, chopped up, with the chopper
Ya dog ass gone get done for it
Ya betta run for it

[3rd Verse]

I'm that nigga, I got clout, like BIG got in Bed Stuy
I'm that fly, with big guns, that splat guys
I shit pies, van diesel, triple X, I
And pull deadly stunts, just like I'm Left Eye
Ain't, no, half steppin' to test mines
If ya, want it then come and get, I'll make a name for ya
You gone get, what the fuck you came for, the chainsaw
(chainsaw rumble)sawed off ya ankles
Play like it's slavery, and hang ya, daddy
I catch ya playin' me, it's danger
Taught to rap, make it crack, snackle and pop
All out of type, that's the way I act on the block
Bout green, dope fiend supplier
Keep a beam of iron
In the jungle full of theives and lions
I am, focused man, the bad boy soldier
Landed on the top, I thought I told ya man

[Hook 4x]

I'm a bad boy, get out my way, 'rilla
Bust shots on the block, when I spray, 'rilla
Ya get, chopped up, with the chopper
Ya dog ass gone get done for it
Ya betta run for it

[Chopper talking]

Huh bruh?, ya heard me
Bad Boy, ya heard me
For life, man
This how I'm livin'
Right out chea' man
New Orleans, to the day I die
3rd Ward, Uptown man
Ya dig, I'm a bad boy man
They can't stop me
Young City, ya heard me
Dofat, holla back!

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Album: Bad Books (2010) Lyrics
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