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Sad Expectations Lyrics by Baby Vox


Sad Expectations by Baby Vox

You're under the same sky as I am
But can I live just ignoring that?
Where must my heavy heart go now?
Should I just live without any thoughts?
What is the purpose of living?
I'm becoming a fool who is trapped inside of you
And can't have anyone else...
Every morning I try to cheer myself up
But I break down at the thought of you
Nothing can replace you
The tears are falling again
I'm sorry, If I told you goodbye first,
I thought you'd return again
I'm stupid, I'm so stupid
You forgave me so many times
But I didn't know what separation was then
As each day passes, it seems like I should forget you now
But the pain keeps growing
And my love for you is becoming stronger
The tears fall when I'm not by your side
And I cry again without being able to tell you my heart
I know now how precious your love is to me
Repeat [*]